Gift of Hope



Embracing Our Community

Families In Need

Food insecurity is a real problem. There are families who are unable to afford the basic essentials necessary for living. Jesus told Peter, to express his love for Him, by feeding His sheep. The heart of Jesus is our heart and through our Gift of Hope program "Families in Need", we aim to provide families with low wage work with the necessary essentials three (3) times per year.


Youth/young adults mentorship

leadership Mentorship

Leading by example, a heart of humility, visionary mindset, walking in integrity, communication, building relationships and other skills are valuable leadership competencies. Through our Gift of Hope program 'Leadership Mentorship" we are committed to the spiritual, emotional and leadership growth of our youth/young adults and honing their leadership skills needed to communicate biblical truths with relevance, and to be successful.

seniors wellness

seniors Care Packages

Wisdom belongs to the aged and understanding to the old". We honor our seniors and treat them with love and respect. Through our Gift of Hope program "Seniors Wellness" we are blessed to bring a smile to our seniors face and remind them, there is someone thinking about and praying for you. Our care packages reflect the love of God and may include food, personal care, and comfort items, activities and treats.

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